HTC posts teaser Photos ahead of its Feb. 19 Event

HTC Logo One

Tomorrow is the day which is will the see the HTC One to debut in front of the Press. The Feb. 19 event has been hyped by HTC by first sending out invites and later putting up a timer on its website for the event. Now HTC has released some teaser photos ahead of its event.


These Photos have been released by HTC through their Twitter Account. The Photos don't show a smartphone but the pictures show technology that might feature in the HTC One.

The Photo on the Left (Camera Lens) hints towards a new Camera Technology that HTC is going to introduced in its latest smartphone. Previously HTC had Mocked the Nokia Pureview technology which means that we might see a technology Competitive to the Nokia PureView 808 which is considered the best Camera in a Smartphone. According to some rumors, HTC is said to use a new and exciting method of ‘stacking’ multiple image sensors to create an ‘Ultrapixel’ camera.

The Top Photo on the Right shows a Speakers with the data of the event I the Center. This leads to the fact that HTC might be introducing a new Sound Technology the HTC One. We have no clue regarding what is in store for us in the sound department of the HTC One, but we can surely expect something if it has been teased.

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