HTC puts up a Count Down for Feb. 19 Event: HTC One is Coming


The Mobile World Conference is not far and Smartphone manufacturers are adding to the excitement with event Announcements. HTC has an event scheduled for Feb. 19 and it has added a Count Down Timer to its website to increase the hype.

HTC Count down one

The Timer is not just a simple clock telling you how far you are from a press conference. It has teasers that are in line with all the rumors that have surfaced regarding the next HTC Flagship Phone.

Earlier rumored to be HTC M7, the device set to become the next HTC giant handset will be HTC One. Whenever the timer hits One, the Number 1 Goes green and a image appears of showing a specific part of a handset. Although the images are blurry, you can figure out that the a white device is set to launch in the Feb. 19 event which is similar to the Smartphone that the HTC Chief Showed off in the yearly party of HTC at Taiwan.

This is the first Time HTC has done so much to attract the attention of Customers. Despite Quality products, HTC hasn’t become a smartphone giant mainly due to the lack of marketing.

Are you a HTC Fan? Are you waiting for this device? Share with us your views

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