Microsoft to Start Pushing Messenger Users to Skype from April 8


Microsoft announced Last year that it would be discontinuing the service of the Windows Live Messenger and now we know the exact date that will happen. Microsoft has announced that it will stop the support for the messenger and turn users to Skype starting from April 8th, 2013

Microsoft skype messenger
Microsoft will start the process of discontinuation of the service of Live Messenger from April 8th.
Previously a date of March 15th was rumored but Microsoft confirmed that the March 15 date will see only a Test Group of Customers to lose the messenger service.

The Process will start from April 8th initiating from Customers of who use the messenger in English. The Process will take a few weeks and the Messenger in Portuguese will be the last to lose the service. China is the only Place where the service will end and there is schedule regarding the discontinuation of the service for it.

Existing Windows Live Messenger users will receive a notification with an upgrade option from April 8th onwards when they will try to Sign in. Microsoft will pre-cache the Skype installer to users to allow them to use the notification and Turn to Skype.

Microsoft Stated,

“Our goal remains to deliver the best communications experience for everyone, everywhere. We want to focus our efforts on making things simpler for our users while continuously improving the overall experience. We will retire Messenger in all countries worldwide in the first quarter of 2013”

The Ceasing of service is mainly for the Computer Users. Windows Live Messenger for Xbox and Windows Phone 8 will not be stopped YET. Then there are software that allow Sign in to the Windows Live messenger like Trillian and Adium who are still unclear of how will they manage the Situation.

This pushing of users from Windows Live Messenger to Skype might not be welcomed by users. For Once, the Skype Interface is not very ideal for IM because it established itself as a software primarily for Video Calling. Then there are issues with the merging of Contacts as well. When you will import your Windows Live Messenger Contacts to Skype, they will mix and it is likely that you will get confused if your Skype List is big enough. Last but not the least, Skype doesn't give Email Notification of Received Emails that Windows Live Messenger showed.

What do you think about this move if Microsoft? Share with us your views

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