Valentine’s Day gift by Samsung: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Pink

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pink

Valentine’s Day is coming this month and Samsung have played their part to fill it with love. The Korean smartphone giants has decided to release a pink version of its flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

note 2 Air View
Released at Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in August 2012, the Phablet is currently among the best cellphones in the market. It currently comes in marble white, pebble blue and titanium gray, amber brown and ruby wine.

The Light Pink color of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has appeared on the Taiwan Website of Samsung Confirming the release of the Color for the Phablet. There is no news of the color coming for other countries but Samsung will surely get the color to every country due to its large demand.

The Pink Color is bound to attract customers esp. females and Samsung has kept that it Mind. The smartphone manufacturers announced last year that all of their handsets will get pink color releases.

Will you give the Pink Galaxy Note 2 as a Valentine’s Gift? Share with us your views

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