PlayStation 4 will Stream PlayStation 3 Games with Gaikai

Playstation 4 gaikai

While Sony has announced a PlayStation related event on the 20th February, 2013, rumors continue to surface as the date comes close. The latest news is that PlayStation 4 will be streaming Games of PlayStation 3 from a Cloud Service called Gaikai.

PlayStation 3
The rumor has come from the Famous Wall Street Journal who report that Sony will be using the Gaikai streaming service for Previous platform games.
Sony Bought Gaikai in July 2012

Why Stream Games of PlayStation 3 and older version of the PlayStation? This is mainly because the PlayStation 4 is set to host AMD x86 Chipset which is different from the previous versions of the PlayStation. This method will be used first time to support backward Compatibility because in previous versions, you just had to insert the CD and the game would run.

Gaikai Sony PlayStation 4

Gaikai is a service that allows users to stream Games from Cloud Service which means you can select a game and play directly from the internet. Ofcourse it would require a Fast Internet Connection. Gaikai compresses the data package of the Game and sends it to the target but uptil now it has been used to Stream PC Games. How will it fair will consoles is something yet to be seen.

If Online Streaming of Games is set to become available for Consoles, Handhelds like PS Vita  would benefit the most. secondly it could help control Piracy which is a real problem in the Gaming World.
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