How "PrimeTime" feature of Google TV will make the content easier to find

Google is a name that is synonymous with innovation and high quality products. The company is highly reputable and is one of the most renowned in the world. Their expansive product line caters to the needs of all consumers. In this digital age you can’t imagine a world without Google. From their search engine to applications, everything is exceptional.

The company has recently launched television services which have become very popular in a short span of time. These highly sought after services have earned rave reviews from customers and critics alike. The fast paced progress they are making only signals their intent to achieve even more.

Technology has completely revolutionized the world today and Google is the epitome of technological advancement. Television is no longer seen as just a tool for entertainment or news it is much more than that. With the passage of time Google has constantly made improvements to “Google TV”. This new prime time feature is a TV and movies app that makes your TV experience even better. Let’s take an in depth look at how this feature will benefit us.

All in One

The prime time feature brings together everything from Cable, Satellite, TV, Netflix, YouTube and internet streaming. Basically you have a complete entertainment system so you never miss out on your favorite shows. It enables you to access your favorite channels, browse for best live shows or find suggestions based on content you like. Google TV has made it very easy for everyone to find their preferred content.


Google TV’s prime time feature has been designed with great care. The system is so efficient that it can learn the user’s preferences and then suggest programs accordingly. The TV records all the information and then sends it to the database where it is stored. The concept of information interchange is amazing to say the least. The system will not only suggest programs similar to the ones you are watching, but also show programs enjoyed by other people who share your preferences.

More Options

Google TV’s prime time feature is miles ahead of the rest. It is engaging, creative and dynamic. Another great feature is the variety of options through which you can watch your favorite TV show or movie. Prime time will show you the list of all the places where you can view a movie. For example:  rentals, Netflix or movie on demand. This is a major difference between Google and the others. It gives you access to online content and live programming. 


Most Google users are aware of the sync feature available on Google play. When you create a Google account, all your data is synced together. The information on your phone, emails, TV is all brought together. So you never feel out of place and can easily plan your next move. Once you have all the data at your disposal, you can easily connect with friends and family. Share with them your photos, videos, playlists or favorite movies. The possibilities are endless with Google TV.

Multi Tasking

Multi tasking on Television is virtually unheard of. But Google TV’s prime time feature makes this possible. Now you can perform a number of functions at the same time without much hassle. For example:  You can listen to music while watching a movie or browse for other content without shutting down your favorite TV show.


According to some of the consumers, one of the best features of prime TV is the user’s ability to download from multiple platforms. Unlike other companies who are limited to a single platform, Google allows you to access Amazon along with Google Play. Consumers aren’t inclined to just buy from the parent company, they have freewill.

Other Innovations

According to experts at Google TV Spanish news channels like Noticerio Univision are one of the main reasons for signing up for Dish Latino plans. They also claim that these features will further enhance the user experience. The voice control feature helps you easily access videos, this helps save time as you don’t have to go through user menu guides. In addition, their PrimeTime guide gives you a more intuitive and visually attractive experience.


Google TV is getting better and better. The prime time feature is another attempt at helping the users easily access content. Given the potential of this idea it is clear that Google will continue to grow in the future and please its consumers.

Author’s Bio:
Celina has years of experience in the television industry. She has worked with numerous Spanish news channels like Noticerio Univision among others. She believes that Spanish news channels like Noticerio Univision are one of the main reasons more and more people are signing up for Dish Latino plans.

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