Sony Xperia Z Root Out: Hack and Change the smartphone as you like

Sony Xperia Z Root

Sony Xperia Z hasn’t hit the market yet with Europe being the first to receive it. The smartphone has been available only for a day in France and the device has already been Rooted. Now you can install Custom ROMs and make changes to the Sony Flagship any way you like, after you get it, of course.

Sony Xperia Z hack

The Device has been Rooted by a recognized XDA developer Member DooMLoRD who managed to get the hack within a day. You can Get the Root Procedure HERE.

The Developer used the CF-Auto-Root toolkit which has been used for Rooting of the Google Nexus 4. This signifies that

Sony really doesn’t do much with the Android OS regarding its safety. Previous Devices of Sony have also been easily rooted. Sony Methods show that it wants to see People Mod its smartphones and add new things which is good for those customers who want flexibility in their devices.

Don’t forget to see the Root Procedure and do it as soon as you get your hand on the Water Proof Xperia Z

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