Twitter will now rate your Tweets

Twitter Tweet ranking

The Social media websites are continuously working hard to provide users with top quality data. In a similar endeavor, Twitter has decided to rate Tweets that users upload from all over the world. The ranking process will start from Feb. 20th.

Twitter DevelopersThe News came on the Official twitter Developers Blog where it was confirmed that a rank will be added to the metadata of a tweet

The Ranking will Give tweets rank of “none”, “low” and “medium”. The “high” ranking will soon follow after the release. The Tweets that will be ranked “high” will be similar to the Top searches we get if you search something on Twitter.

This means that the medium and High Tweets will be the ones from people with the most followers or with most number of Retweets. Sounds a bit Judgmental, Doesn’t it?

The real target of this rating is for developers the who will then then be able to use Twitter's streaming API to tweak applications to specify what types of tweets should be displayed on a given subject or subjects.

The developers will also be provided a feature of Language filter as well through which they can only set a display of Language Specified Tweets.

This feature introduced by Twitter will surely help people to provide Quality data for its users and ability to filter out material that might not be of requirement. However, it will surely effect those who are trying to establish themselves on Twitter since Twitter Ranking system will Lower them down in the Search.

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