Apple released iOS 6.1.3 Update: You cant Bypass the Lockscreen Now

Apple releases iOS 613 to patch lock screen security hole

Apple has been a little quiet since the start of this year while its competitors are busy in announcing device after device to compete with Apple. While there is still no News of the next iPhone, Apple has managed to release an Update for its Latest iOS.

iOS 6

The Update has started rolling out in different parts of the World and it is set to fix the most dangerous flaw in the iOS 6, the bypassing of lockscreen.

The iOS 6 lockscreen bypassing was a flaw caught by users this year which not only allows the user to bypass the lock screen but access the contacts and Photos as well. While everyone expected Apple to fix the issue immediately, it took Apple a second update to cover the problem in its OS.

The Japanese version of the update brings improved maps and pronunciation of areas for Japan Only

For users who are using the Jailbreak Provided by Evasi0n, they will not be able to update their device. The Evasi0n team has also not shown any intent of making this update available till now.

Don’t just sit there..Start Downloading the Update

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