Feedly gets 500,000 New User after Google Reader Death Announcement

Feedly Google Reader

So Google Continues to change and chop its services by closing one and starting another. The recent shock for Google Customers was the shutting down of the Google Reader, the primary RSS Feeds App used by Millions all over the World. An Alternative to Google Reader, Feedly, has gained from this news and reports 500,000 new users in the past 48 hours.

Google Reader RIP

The news of addition of users to Feedly was made on their blog where they claimed they have 500,000 new Users in the last 48 hours which is primarily due to the Unprecedented announcement of Google to Shut Down the Google Reader from 1st July, 2013.

Although Feedly is not the Only Alternative to Google Readers, it is clearly the one which has benefited the most from the Announcement. Services like Digg and Reddit are also getting the hay from the demise of the Google Reader.

Feedly has attracted so many users mainly due to a very smart Move made by them where they announced that that they would try to clone the Google Reader API called Normandy and the transition from Google Reader to Feedly would be Seamless.

Feedly is currently Working hard in trying to handle such a large amount of users being added to their database. On their blog, they stated,
Our main priorities over the next 30 days are 1) tokeep the service up, 2) listen to new users for suggestions and 3) add features weekly.

The Current scenario has taken Feedly at the Top Spot in App store for RSS Feeds and it has Android App as well which makes it a good replacement for Google Reader.

Are you surprised by Google’s Announcement? What is their plan behind all this? Share with us your views

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