Samsung release Teaser Video for the Galaxy S4 Event: Watch Here

Samsung Galaxy s4
Samsung galaxy S4 is about to launch in a few days and Samsung is leaving no stone Unturned in creating hype about the smartphone. The successor to the Samsung galaxy S3, bestseller of Samsung mobile, the Galaxy S4 is eagerly awaited. Samsung has released a second teaser video leading up to the launch of this device. (scroll down for the video)

The video released today shows the Rich English Kid Jeremy Maxwell who is given a Samsung Galaxy S4 before the Launch and the kid is amazed by it.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has had several Leaks including a benchmarks leak. The device is set to come with 13 MP camera, 5" 1080x1920 pixels display, 1.8 GHz quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, and also HD Display.

Here is the Teaser Video

Samsung galaxy s4 teaser

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