HTC One to be delayed due to component Shortage

HTC One was announced just prior to the Mobile World Conference 2013. The Smartphone was being anticipated as the greatest hit of HTC but looks like that might not happen. HTC One is set to be delayed in several Parts of the World due to Component shortage.

HTC OneThe News has reached the market after HTC Delayed the release of the Smartphone in Singapore by almost a month.

HTC might ship only 800,000 to 1,200,000 One smartphones in the coming month. This is mainly  because of the shortage of two components - the voice coil motor and the camera module.

If the HTC One gets delayed, this will be another unfortunate event in the history of HTC who has made some quality devices but they havent been able to capture the market. HTC One will surely suffer like the LG Nexus 4 of Google which has been sold out within days of its availability.

The good news is that US will not be suffering due to this shortfall as HTC has already made it clear that US is its main market. Rest of the countries might get the device as late as June.

Were you waiting for the HTC One? Are you disappointed by the delay? Share with us your views

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