HTC says enough to Quietly Brilliant: Time to Market Out Loud

HTC marketing change
After an year of of deficit, HTC has finally decided to change its tactics. The Company has decided to change its marketing technique by dropping the Tagline ‘Quietly Brilliant’ that almost described the story of HTC in 2012.

HTC has decided to replace its previous tagline with a new one, BOLD, Authentic and Playful. HTC Marketing Chief Ben Ho told the Wall Street Journal that the company hasn’t been loud enough marketing. The New Tagline signifies a lot more and exhibits HTC’s work in the correct way.

BOLD represent HTC’s intention to market new products with much more aggression and competitive Initiative.  AUTHENTIC is included to advertise its Aim of bringing innovation in its smartphones. PLAYFUL tagline is focused on HTC's development of features that are based on consumer demand.

Speaking of consumer demand, HTC hasn’t been able to fulfill its promise of providing the HTC One on time for its customers in US. This is mainly because of the Camera technology used by HTC in the HTC One which is not allowing the smartphones to be manufactured and delivered on time.

Are you waiting for the HTC One? Do you think the delay will kill its sales? Share with us your views

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