Samsung Galaxy 4 with the Features to make your Life Easier

Samsung unveils the Galaxy S 4's software tricks camera modes, Story Album, S Translate and more

Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced by Samsung in the New York event at Radio City Hall. The smartphone has been announced with some of the best features to not only make the interface easier but simpler as well.


The Smartphone has come with features including the DUAL CAMERA, SOUND AND SHOT, SMART SCROLL, SMART PAUSE, AIR VIEW, S TRANSLATOR and a hell lot of Other features
Starting off with the Camera Features, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a Dual Camera options which allows you to take one photo using both the front and back facing camera. While the Photo mainly holds the screen from the Back camera, the Front camera view is added to the shot according to choice of shape and size (available in the shooter options).

Adding to that is the Drama Shot feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The feature allows you to take photos in a burst mode i.e. 100 shots in 4 secs and instead of making your gallery a complete mess after it, the Drama shot makes pictures combining Photos into 1.

The Camera options continue with the Sound and Shot option. The option provides not only a photo but a audio is added to the shot like a background voice making your memories ever so real.
The Eraser is probably the best option provided by Samsung. It allows users to remove any unwanted person or object from the Photo.
The Story Album Feature of Samsung is a smart feature which allows user to create a story album. If the phone detects you are travelling, it will give you the option automatically and the Story Album has easy to share social media options. you can send hard copy of the story Album any where around the globe as well
The home Sync feature is surely one for travellers. The feature users a Home Sync device, 1 TB, which acts as a cloud placed at your home. The device can be connected to your TV and you can put content in their for people back home to view and enjoy what you see on your trips.

S Voice drive is a feature integrated for user safety. People can use the S Voice by connecting it to car through bluetooth and it allows users to navigate and hear messages and make calls and several other features.

The S Translator is probably is most handy tool of all. It allows users to type in a message in one language and get a voice translation or it can work the other way round as well

The Knox Feature of the Galaxy S4 divides your phone into two parts, one for Workspace connections and other for family. It has a safety system designed by US govt. to protect important official data on your phone

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