Samsung $1 Billion Fine reduced by $450 Million by Court

Apple Samsung Trial

Apple vs. Samsung Case is saga that will not end in the near future. With another lawsuit to start in 2014, the Smartphone manufacturers have been head to head in many countries regarding their patents. Last Year an American Court Fined Samsung $ 1 bn. for copying Apple but the court has now reduced the penalty by $450 Million

Samsung vs Apple
The fine was reduced by Judge Lucy Koh to a value of $598 Million.

This has been done because the Judges say that the damages for 14 devices in the lawsuit have been calculated incorrectly and a separate trial will be require for them.

The Judge mentioned today that there has been two errors in calculating the damages to be paid to Apple regarding the devices including Gem, Indulge, Infuse 4G, Samsung's Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S II i9100, Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi and its 4G LTE variant, among others.

The Judge identified that the 2 errors as
  • Court used Samsung's profits to determine the amount the company will be paying for infringing Apple's utility patents while this technique is used when design patents are infringed.

  • the timeframe of the Losses which was to start after Apple told Samsung that it was copying its Ideas.
The Damages can increase and can be cut down and this will solely depend on the upcoming trials. Apple vs. Samsung wont stop until one of them comes with a tech. that totally puts the other one out of the market.

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