Samsung Galaxy S IV to come with Eye Movement Scroll

samsung galaxy s4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is et to announce on the 14th of March 2013. The Phone is being eagerly awaited by the Samsung Galaxy Series. While there have been many leaks about the device, the most hot leak has just come out, Samsung Galaxy S4 is set to feature an eye scrolling option

samsung mobile
According to the New York Times, Samsung is likely to make it more its flagship phone of 2013 one to remember and  the eye scroll tech will surely give it an edge over its main competitor iPhone.

The Eye Scroll technology is already with Samsung but has not been implemented on smartphones yet. The devices will surely benefit from it if Samsung master it on its S4. Although this feature might be a boost for the device, Samsung may not be courageous enough to try it directly on its S4. The tech might have problems and end up getting the device negative ratings.

If the tech comes, Samsung will surely show it off alot in its upcoming event. We have to wait for just a few weeks to get a try of this smartphone. 

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