Samsung vs. Apple Second Case in US to start Next year

Samsung vs. Apple

Samsung vs Apple saga continues with cases all over the World. While Samsung has been able to win some cases, Apple has won most of them with the biggest victory of getting a $1.05 bn. Fine in their favor. The cases continue and the second case in US will be started in 2014.

Judge lucy Koh Apple samsung
Apple and Samsung are head to head in the case which saw a hefty fine of $1 bn. imposed on Samsung.

The Fine was reduced by $450 million only because it was for 14 devices for which the fine was miscalculated. Now Judge has decided to run a separate case for these 14 devices

The 14 devices are being judged seperately due to the conditions used to calculate their damages were incorrect. Judge Lucy Koh was of the opinion that the second case should be started after Samsung is done appealing about the first fine. In a latest ruling, she has allowed the new case to proceed which will start in March 2014.
Will Samsung be able to save $450 million or will it have to pay more? We will have to wait for the case

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