Sony Xperia Z gets its First Update: Sudden Death issue Fixed

Sony Xperia Z Issues

Sony released its high end smartphone of 2013, Sony Xperia Z at CES 2013. The smartphone was an instant hit with its Water Resistant capabilities and high end specs. After 2 months of its announcement, Sony has released the first update for the Smartphone.

Sony Xperia Z Update

The users of the Xperia Z are reporting that they have received updates on their devices which updates their software to 10.1.A.1.434.

While it is not clear yet what this update is bringing to Sony’s Flagship, it is being assumed that it will cater the Sudden death issue of the Sony Xperia Z. The Sudden Death issue has been reported by quite a few customers and it will be rapid customer service from Sony if this Update fixes that issue.

The Update will roll out in phases and it is not necessary that you will get the update immediately. However if you want to be sure about the update, you can check your PC Companion App and if the Update is there, you can surely get it.

What are you expecting from this update? Share with us your views

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