World’s Smallest Portable Charger: A Handy Fuel Can


The World of Gadgets continues to add features to improve utility of users and simultaneously gets smaller in size for mobility. We have often seen Portable Chargers, like the Energizer XP 4001, which are not exactly too small to carry around in our pockets. Here comes a Portable Charger with a size of a Key Chain.

Key Chain Charger

The Charger has been made by Devotec Industries where the Project is know as Kickstarter.

The Fuel of this Charger is nothing but a 5C lithium-ion 220mAh rated battery which is obviously not very promising to hear. The Charger is able to provide only a small amount (approximately 20 to 30 mins.) of back time for your smartphone.

Cross section

This, however. is still a very handy tool to carry around mainly because of its size. With a 1” x 0.5” of major surface area, the device can be a key chain of style and utility. The Charging methods is simple. Remove the black lid (just like in a fuel can) and insert it into your cell phone charging slot to charge your mobile.

Usually there is always one urgent call you need to make after the cellphone battery dies off. The Devotec Charger is the thing that can make it possible.

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  1. I love it. whats its price and where can we get it from ?


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