Facebook Home crosses 500,000 downloads for only Samsung and HTC Phones

Facebook Home
Facebook announced the Facebook Home in its April 5th event along with the HTC First. The launcher was the first of its kind and therefore has received mixed reviews from Users. Almost 2 weeks since its release, Facebook Home has crossed Half Million downloads mark despite being available for high-end phones including Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

Facebook Home Hands On

Facebook Home was released on April 12 on Google Play Store in the US. The International launch was different for different regions with UK getting the Facebook Home as late as 16 April.

Facebook Home crossed the half a million downloads mark despite being an introductory software and lack of availability of the launcher for smartphones. The software is only available for Samsung and HTC Phones including the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, HTC One, One X and One X+. Two of the smartphones in the list haven't properly hit the market yet.Although a crack for the Facebook Home has been released by XDA Developers, it doesn't count in the downloads of Google Play Store.

Although it might seem that Facebook Home is performing pretty well. It doesn't seem be the case. In comparison to Facebook Home, Instagram app got downloaded 5 million times in its first week at Google Play Store. Users havent been impressed by the Facebook Home and it is clear from the reviews with an average rating of 2.2. 50% of the users have rated it as 1 Star. Most of the people have uninstalled it and if Play Store counted that, figures would have been different.

Even if the range of smartphones that could run the Facebook Home increase, it is unlikely that there will be drastic rise in the download count. That will be due to the increasingly poor reviews for the Launcher.

Why is it that the Facebook initiative failed? It is mainly because customers like Android and its flexibility. The launcher covers it all up with a layer of Facebook which isn't always the first priority for everyone.If the integration had been more subtle, users might have accepted the app.

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