Apple files a patent of a screen wrapped around a Phone

Apple Patent

When the iPhone 5 came out, people said Apple has run out of ideas now. Apple has taken then seriously and have been working on making there products more innovative. To back that up, is the new patent that Apple filed today which features a wrapped around screen.

The Patent shows an AMOLED screen wrapped around an Apple device, similar to shape in 4th generation iPod Nano. The Phone would a complete screen, meaning it it will have no physical buttons with space on screen allotted for virtual buttons.

The Glass encompassing the screen will be seamless and radio transparent. Adding to that, the screen will be to provide visual effects, including the appearance of 3D. This 3D effect will be provided by using flexible see through displays.

The screen will be smart enough to understand if your are actually touch using the device of just holding yet. With the help of on board Cameras and facial recognition, Apple plans to make a smart screen.

Apple files many patents every week and this can just be anyone like the others. Will it actually surface in a device remains to be seen.

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