Apple slide-to-unlock patent invalidated in Germany

Slide to Unlock

Apple’s ways of suing companies in different parts of the world just doesn’t change. They won a case in Europe against Motorola for their slide-to-unlock patent. However, after German Patent and Trade Mark Office looked into the matter, the court has invalidated the Apple patent with Motorola winning the Appeal

The Apple patent was invalidated by the German federal patent court on Thursday. The Patent invalidation has brought a victory for Google’s Motorola and a respite for Samsung who were next in line to be sued.

The patent has been invalidated mainly because the patent is too broad. Unlocking a screen by performing pre-defined gestures can include a whole lot of possibilities ( including rubbing your nose on it! ) and such a large scope cant be brought under single patent protection. It was pointed out in the ruling that US Patent law allows such approach for patents as opposed to much more technical and specific patent Law Requirements present in Europe.

Apple will Appeal and will surely get something out of this case. Although Motorola might have got some respite here, Apple will not rest and continue to sue each and every smartphone manufacturer present in the World!

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