Apple WWDC 2013 sold out in Two Mins: cant wait for iOS 7

Its been a month of announcing events and getting the tech. media excited. After Event announcements from LG and Nokia, its Apple's turn who announced the WWDC 2013 set to take place in June. The event tickets went on sale yesterday and disappeared as soon as they came. Confused? You shouldn't be because the tickets were sold out in a matter of Two Minutes

The Apple event for Developers starts from June 10 in Moscone West Center, San Francisco and will host a total of 5000 developers.

The tickets cost $1600 (Come on! Its Apple) and was limited to 1 per person and max. 5 for any organization which were kept track of by Apple IDs. 2 mins was the total time in which the tickets were sold compared to the 49 mins. that the Google I/O event tickets took to vanish.

 The Tickets were sold out so swiftly mainly because of Apple's announcement on Wednesday that the Tickets will be available on Thursday 1 PM. This is contrary to the last time when Apple announced the event and started selling the tickets immediately which resulted in a sale out in around 2 hours.

The Event is the only of its kind for developers by Apple where third party developers are introduced to Apple's upcoming tech and OS.  The event runs for the whole week with Apple's engineers holding sessions and labs for people who add to their collection of apps. The start of the event is marked by a Keynote where Apple surely announces some tech. 

According to the leaks till now, Apple will the showing the iOS 7 to its developers just like in the last WWDC where iOS 6 was showed to them. There will be other Mac OS X related announcements as well.

People Love Apple, Dont they?

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