Battery Technology Leap Frogs: Scientist claim to make a smaller, swift rechargeable Battery

Although we see technology grow with consumer goods providing more utility, we want better. There is always a thing about a certain technology that can be Kaizened (Improved). Scientists are the ones who make it possible and this time they have done it again by making a Battery that can Charge Faster and look smaller.

Research team at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign published its latest achievement in April 16 issue of Nature Communication.

The Research team claim that they have made 3D Electrode Structure for their latest Battery which drastically reduces the size and the Charging Time of the Battery. The Researcher states that The batteries are so powerful, you could use the power storage device in your cellphone to jumpstart your car battery.

The 3D Microstructure provides shorter paths for the charged particles to flow thus reducing charging time and Size. The scientist are aiming at a Credit Card Thickness battery that could someday replace the conventional smartphone batteries.

The Researchers were confident that the battery could be in the market within 2 years and would be replacing super-capacitors in radios and personal electronics.

However, doubts have been expressed by the Science Community regarding the practicality of bringing this device to manufacturing phase. Scientist are labelling the technology to complicated to be standardized manufacturing process. Then there is also the issue of a flammable electrolyte.

Meanwhile we can hope for the best. Such batteries would surely resolve the issues of batteries in smartphones and would lead to much thinner smartphones.

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