Facebook Home gets Poor Reviews: Users not Impressed

Facebook Home

Facebook created a lot of hype for their April 5th event when it released its HTC made Facebook Phone, HTC First. The Social media market leaders also made the Facebook launcher  available for Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy note 2, HTC One X and HTC One but the reviews havent been so promising

Facebook home rating

Facebook  home was downloaded by 2715 users with more then 1000 users rating the facebook home as one star. Some of the reviews were

“Very poorly put together. Most homes support widgets and clocks and this one limits you severely. The only thing this does is puts FB on the screen all the time.”


“I have the Note 2. HOME completely diminishes the customization, fluidity of operation, and effectiveness of apps and widgets that make the Android & Note 2 phenomenal. HOME also overrides security features like password protection, etc. Disappointed”

Although the Facebook home makes Facebook your top priority on your phone, it isnt that bad as rated. The Facebook skin over Android makes your phone more lively and connected.

You can choose to access your Facebook App or messenger right from your home screen.

Users will eventually understand that Facebook Home is more then just an app and appreciate its presence in their smartphone.

Did you download Facebook Home? Share with us your Facebook Home Experience


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