HTC One for China Unicom to come with SD Slot and Dual Sim

HTC One China

HTC One was announced in February and as much as people desired the phone, many felt a little disappointed because of the lack of MicroSD Slot. Moreover, the unibody design meant a more powerful battery couldn’t be used in it. The Chinese people are luckier then everyone else in the world.

The HTC One Coming to China Unicom has a MicroSD Slot and a Removable back cover with it. Not to mention are the dual sim option as well.

HTC One has been released with a Unibody design all around the world including US and Europe. The phone comes in 32Gb and 64 GB Variants and with no MicroSD Slot.

So you can imagine the frustration of the people in US and Europe who really wanted these features in the HTC One.

There's no word if the China Mobile and 802d China Telecom versions of the HTC One will also come with expandable storage and two SIMs but the 2 at the end of the product number can be indicative of the dual-SIM abilities. The European version's model number is 801n.

Are you waiting for the HTC One? If you are in America, AT&T and Sprint Pre-orders have already started

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