HTC One coming on Spring and AT&T on April 19: Costs $200

HTC has started 2013 with an intention to compete with the big boys in the smartphone market. HTC has clearly worked hard to produce a Gem of a Phone, HTC One. After delays due to component shortage, HTC One will finally hit AT&T and Sprint in the US starting at US $200.

htc one Press release

The Pre-orders of the smartphone will start for April 4th for AT&T and April 5th for Sprint. The smartphone is set to come in a standard 32GB version for both the carriers at the price of $200 and an exclusive 64GB version for AT&T which will cost customers 100 bucks more. The smartphone will come in Black and silver.

AT&T is also giving a HTC Media Link HD wireless HDMI adaptor, which will allow wirelessly media content sharing to your HDTV.

the AT&T Pre-orders will start on the following Link: HTC One Pre-Orders

With a new Camera Technology and a New Sense, the HTC One is surely a lucrative smartphone for anyone.

Get ready to Pre-order the phone. The Pre-order is coming

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