$15.3 million for an iPhone 5: Loaded with Gold and Diamonds

iPhone 5 Black Diamond will set you back a cool £10 million. Phones, Stuart Hughes, iPhone, iPhone 5, Apple 0

And if you thought that mile long queues and release day madness was just about it for the iPhone 5, you were wrong. A Designer from England has designed an iPhone 5 made of Gold, Black Diamonds and a Sapphire glass for a touch screen. The price tag is only $15.3 Million.

iphone 5

Stuart Hughes, a Liverpool based designer has made this phone for a Chinese business who will use it as his regular phone. The phone is completely handmade and took 9 weeks to make despite Stuart’s experience of making a similar iPhone 4.

The Chassis of the Phone is of solid Gold of the highest quality, i.e. 24 karat. the Phone has a total of 600 Diamonds with 53 diamonds making up the Apple logo. but the real deal of this smartphone is the 26 karat Black Diamond placed the Home Button of the smartphone.

The Black diamond was given to Stuart by the Chinese Business himself. the smartphone wont be that expensive if it weren't for the Black Diamond costing majority of the device.

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