Microsoft to release iPad Mini sized Windows Phone 8 devices in coming Months

There have been rumors every since the iPad Mini got released that a small sized device will surely come to Windows Phone 8 platforms. After sometime of speculation, it has been finally confirmed from Microsoft that a 7-inch tablet is on its way.

Microsoft CFO Peter Klein revealed Microsoft during an Investor call that they are working  with OEMs to make "a new suite of small touch devices powered by Windows." Klein also said that the devices will have "competitive price points"

As spotted by Mashable, there is a big gap between the largest Windows phone (the HTC Titan II, at 4.7 inches) and the smallest Windows 8 tablets, which bottom out at 10.1 inches

After successfully entering the 10 inch market, now Microsoft will venture in the 7 inch market where it will find competitors like Samsung galaxy Note 8, Kindle Fire HD and Nook by Barnes and Nobles.

Will you buy a 7-inch windows tablet? Share with us your views

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