Rockstar making the Box Art of GTA V in Manhattan

GTA V Box Art
GTA V has surely become one of the most awaited games in the recent days. The hype has been increased due to the unprecedented delay of the game. Rockstar has worked hard to keep the excitement alive by releasing screenshots now and then. Rockstar is now set to release the official Box Art of the Game.


Rockstar confirmed the news of the Box Art through Twitter. The Box Art will be ready in a few days. Rockstar has done a similar Box Art for GTA IV.

The Game is set to release on September 17 2013 after confirmation of Spring 2013 release.

The Game will be available for Xbox 360 and PS3 while PC release date is not fixed yet. There might be a possibility that the next Xbox might release by then and gamers might be able to play the game on it.

Are you waiting for the GTA V.. You Got to be patient!!!

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