BRCK: Ushahidi box that can run 3G, 4G Internet without electricity

Ushahidi has created a gadget which is most valuable for remote locations where internet might not be available easily. Named BRCK, the device is extremely valuable in terms of communication and will debut a Technology conference tomorrow in Berlin.

backup generator internet
The device is a back generator for the internet and provides internet connectivity for long distances.
In Simple words, BRCK is a Wi-Fi router that can serve as many as 20 devices when there is an Internet connection. In a more hostile situation, it can serve as a 3G and 4G modem that includes data settings that work on any network in the world—just swap in whatever prepaid Sim card you need. The device has 8 hours of backup time.

Erik Hersman, one of Ushahidi’s, said,

We’re scratching our own itch around Internet connectivity. It’s hard to be a Web-based company when you’ve got a lot of power outages or if the ISP you’re using gets unbearably slow.”

Ushahidi will start a kickstarter project with 1000 devices and although this might not be very useful for general Public in US, people in Asia with loadshedding problems and areas where natural calamities are more frequent, will find this gadget very useful.

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