Team Galag’s Batmobile Tumbler to race in Gumball Rally in Europe

Gotham City Billionaire Bruce Wayne became Batman with his Top Notch Gadgets. Surely, one of them was the Batmobile Tumbler which was very justly portrayed by Christopher Nolan in “The Dark Knight”. The Batmobile has been recreated and will race in the upcoming Gumball Rally in Europe.

Batman Logo
The Batman Mobile Tumbler has been created by Saudi Arabian Team Galag who are competing in the Gum Ball 3000 Rally for the 2nd time.

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The Vehicle has been fabricated by Parker Brothers Concepts, at a cost of around US$1.55 million.

In the hood is a 750hp twin turbo 3.8L V-6 Engine which is considerable but standard for any Large Car. Just to make it clear, it doesn’t have the Rocket propulsion of the hypothetical Batmobile. Weighing in a massive 2268 kg and Ceramic Breaks to control that kind of Inertia, the device is a beast but it is not a cruiser. Notching a Maximum of 160 kmph, the Tumbler is not the swiftest. But then, it doesn’t need to.

Team Galag said on their web page.

"Every year, the Gumball 3000 plays host to some of the most expensive vehicles in the world,"  "This year it was decided that we wanted to drive something a little more original.

The Rally, 3000miles long, will start from May 19 in Europe and unfortunately it doesn’t have an Award for Winning it

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