Facebook launches Trusted Contacts feature: helps to recover Accounts

Facebook Trusted Friends
Your Facebook password is saved in your iPhone and you just lost it? Too bad! Your Facebook password went with it. To help such damsels in distress, Facebook has released a new feature called ‘Trusted Contacts’ which allows you to get your account back through your friends.

Trusted Contacts facebook

The Feature is simple and most useful. How it works is that your select a 3 or 5 friends that are easily reachable and whom you trust and add them to your trusted contact list. So next time you loose your password, you can use the Trusted Contact Feature which will send codes to your friends. Each of the contacts will have to access the account and the person who owns the account will also have to go through log in security.

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The Trusted contacts feature is an alternative to secret questions (which users usually forget) or email verification. A Facebook spokesperson told Mashable

"This solution provides users with another way to recover their password and can choose which method to use. In addition, while you might forget your security questions (or never set one up) you never forget who your friends are."

This Facebook feature might come in handy in many many situations which include losing your phone or a fried computer where you don’t remember your Facebook or Email account passwords.

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