Google Combines Picasa, G+ and Gmail Storage to provide 15GB Free

Google Gmail Picasa G+
Google I/O is kicking off and we are set to here many different announcements from the Tech Giants in their keynote. Google has broken the Ice by announcing that separate spaces for Picasa, Drive Gmail and G+ have been combined to provide a total of 15 GB Free for users.

Google DriveGoogle has combined the separate storage into a single storage for each account.

Previously Gmail had 10GB of storage capacity while Google Drive and Picasa was 5GB and 1GB Respectively.

The Storage is now combined and can be used for all purposes thus providing much flexibility for Users. Users esp. focusing on storing photos had to use all types of tricks like to archive photos in Emails.

In comparison to Google, SkyDrive from Microsoft and Yahoo provide lesser space for Uploading Data.

Google App Users will be getting 30GB Storage combined for all services of Google.

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