HTC One with Nexus Experience of Google to hit Google Play on 26th June

HTc One Nexus
After all the speculations and with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus experience version released, it was about time HTC did the same. HTC has just announced on its blog the Nexus version of its flagship smartphone of 2013, HTC One. The smartphone is set to come on June 26 with a price tag of $599 and will be available from Google Play Store.

HTc One google
The Phone was announced by HTC on its blog showing the the Nexus Experience of HTC One as a separate option.

This version of the HTC One despite having stock Android has Beats Audio available for its users and has Android 4.2.2 running on it while the HTC One with the HTC Sense UI 5 layer is running on Android 4.1.2. One of the main advantages of having a Nexus Phone is timely updates of the Android OS.

The Stock Android version will be quite enticing for users who prefer Google’s Mobile Operating system in its purest forms. Nexus fans will surely want to have a look at this ‘One’ by HTC. The Nexus experience has seen a growth in its popularity since the release of Google’s LG Nexus 4 which was based on LG Optimus G. 

The HTC One will be able to support AT&T LTE and T-Mobile connections and comes in a 32GB version for the customers.

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