Nokia Wedding Ad increase Lumia 920 Searches: 3.8 Million views on You Tube

Marketing is a tool that can change fortune of products. Smartphone companies also focus on marketing with Samsung and Apple releasing ads now and then to promote their top products. In the same line, Nokia has released a Lumia ad which has surely caught the eye of the viewers.

The ad has become a real favorite among viewers with over 3.8 million views and Google Trends showing considerable increase in the search of Nokia Lumia 920.

The ad shows a marriage where two families represent Samsung and Apple and a fight breaks out between them. The nature and dialogues of the ads are tuned to the usual Apple vs Samsung users arguments. Amid the brawl, two waiter calmly shoot the scene with their Nokia Lumia. The Ad simply tells you to switch to Lumia and avoid all the controversy depicting maybe that Window Phone OS is much better then Android and iOS.

This is called smart Marketing…Do you Agree? Watch the ad here if missed it

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