Nokia Lumia 928 teaser video: Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 camera comparison

Nokia Lumia 928
Nokia Lumia 928 is the next flagship device of Nokia set to hit the market on May 14th with Verizon. Nokia is gradually creating the hype by putting up the Window Phone 8 smartphone on teaser pages and em, billboards. Today Nokia released a camera comparison teaser of the Nokia Lumia 928 with iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

Nokia Lumia 928 release
The video was released by Nokia on its teaser page on the web for the Nokia Lumia 928 showing comparison of the Camera, which it claims to have the best low light imaging, with its competitors.

The Video
The video is shot at a Adventureland in Farmingdale, New York in a rollercoaster ride called The Hurricane. The video has been shot in the night and shows a good capture of the nokia device boasting both 8.7 MP Pureview and Optical Image Stabilization technologies along with a Carl Zeiss lens. The video then shows iPhone 5 and then Samsung Galaxy S3 shooting in the same situation and then it stops at a frame comparing the results of both the smartphones with the Nokia Lumia 928.

Nokia Lumia 928 Performance
Well that is the story of the video. How did the Nokia Lumia 928 perform is the real question. Considering the video capture, the device is impressive because it is quite dark and still the device captures a decent video. It is not ‘out of the world’ as at a point when the rollercoaster rider goes by near the camera, you cant see her facial expressions.

The Comparison
When coming to comparison, Nokia have chosen the Samsung Galaxy S3 ahead of the Galaxy S4 which has a much better camera and the iPhone 5. The interesting way to compare was stopping both Nokia and competitors’ video at instants and highlighting features of the Nokia Lumia 928.

The comparison is obviously biased because the competitor phones are probably in daylight mode and ofcourse the Video is made by Nokia.

How will the phone actually perform?  We will have to wait till May 14th 2013. Watch the video HERE

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