Microsoft explains buttons replacing ‘Start’ and ‘Menu’ on Xbox One Controller

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Since I saw the Xbox One and its controller on May 21st, it has been all about, “What does this button do?”. Recently Microsoft decided to show up and explain the name and functionality of the two new buttons that have replace the ‘Start’ and ‘Menu’ buttons present in the Xbox 360 Controller.

The two buttons have been placed in exactly the same position of its predecessor’s controller. Issuing a statement to IGN, Microsoft said,
The Menu button (on the right) will bring up context-specific menus which game and app developers can design to enhance the user experience. The Menu button could be used in scenarios such as bringing up in-game menus, showing video playback options, and accessing commands on the console’s user interface.
The View button will change views or provide more information in games and apps. The function of the View button will be driven by developers. Possible uses of the View button include viewing a map during a role playing game, displaying a leaderboard in a first person shooter, and enhancing the navigation of the console’s user interface.
The new buttons are mainly focused to provide more ease in navigation esp. when shifting between services of Xbox One e.g from a game to a Skype call.
This button changes go in line with Microsoft’s strategy to remove start buttons from its operating systems. With Windows 8 not having a start button, it has already been a real pain in the behind to shut down a Windows 8 device. Although Xbox One has a X button for that, there will eventually be no start button.
We will update you with latest news of Xbox One. Stay Tuned!

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