Game Trading for the Xbox One: Everything you need to know

Xbox One
Even Before the announcement of Xbox One, hot topic among gamers was if the Redmond giants would let people play used games just like in the Xbox 360. Once the announcement of Microsoft ended without a clear stance on this matter, it was all haywire with rumors popping up from different sources contradicting each other. Here is the complete story of the used games issue for the Xbox One.

Microsoft has left 2 of the most burning questions unanswered in its Event on May 21st. Will the Xbox One require constant internet connection AND will it support used Games?

Before we go the Used games issue, here are a few things about playing Games on the Xbox One confirmed by a Microsoft rep. on Eurogamer

1. All games will be on discs but they wont run through discs. Once the discs are inserted, the game will install on the Hard drive.

2. The game will be registered to Users’ Xbox Live account.

3. In case you want to take your game and play it on your friend’s Xbox One, you will have to login your own Xbox Live account. (bear in mind the game will install here as well)

4. Despite the install, once you sign out from your Xbox Live account, access of that game to your friend through his Xbox Live account will be restricted. He will have to buy the game.

Currently there are two contradictory rumors about the Used Games issue. One is from the Retailers of the games who say used games will have a fee and other is from an Xbox Support Twitter account which says there will be no Charges for playing used games. Microsoft on the other hand has only stated that there will a capability in the Xbox One to run used games. They were careful not to mention any details about the money.

According to the retailers, Microsoft has told them that they can charge whatever fee they want for a used game after sending the cut to Microsoft and the Publishers. The cut will be 10% of the New game Price once an owner trades a game, the authentication of that game will be removed from his Xbox Live Account.

According to the Xbox Support Team. Well here is the tweet
Xbox Support

This pretty much says that Xbox will not require any fee to play used games. But the story isnt clear yet. Unless there is an official statement from Microsoft, we can except a good fee for Used and forget about Game Trading Market.

I am Sure you are Disappointed… SO am I!

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