How to Copy Text from Picture (Scanned Image) using Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft One Note
It has always been a real problem to get text out of an image. Oh yes there is a way, you can TYPE IT ALL! Not so smart, is it? In fact a time waster and a unviable solution esp. if the documents are lengthy. Since this is the age of technology, we use Technology to get the text out of scanned documents (images). Following is the step by step method to extract text from images or scanned documents using one of the packages in Microsoft Office, Microsoft OneNote.

1. Open Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft One Note                                                                                                                                                

2. Copy the document (It should be in Image format e.g. bmp, jpg, png etc) and paste anywhere in the Microsoft One Note Windows

copy text from picture 1                                                                                                                                                

3. Right click on the picture once its copied and select the option, Copy Text from picture.
copy text from picture 2


4. Paste (Ctrl+v) it in Microsoft OneNote or in Microsoft Word or any other text editor.
copy text from picture 3


You can either keep the source formatting or copy as text only depending on your requirement. Usually text Copied from a picture requires certain formatting.
Microsoft OneNote is useful for recognizing text however it is unable to recognize symbols properly
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