Android 4.3 leaked via a used Google Nexus 4: Still a Jelly Bean

Android 4.3
Google had everyone excited when they announced a Google event for 24th of July with their Android/Chrome lead Sundar Pichai. The excitement was about the upcoming Android Jelly Bean 4.3. Those of you who cant wait, let us tell you that Android Jelly bean 4.3 has been leaked with a ROM available for Nexus 4.

Android 4.3 leaks out for the Nexus 4, tells a story of chance

The ROM has been leaked for Google Nexus 4 and is available for download from XDA developers (w/o bootloader).

How did it Leak?
Interestingly enough, the ROM was leaked through a used Google Nexus 4 which was bought by a customer at Craigslist. Apparently the phone belonged to a Google employee who ended up selling it and thus causing the leak.

What’s New?
For those of you who were expecting major updates in the Android OS, it’s a reminder that Android 4.3 is still Jelly Bean and therefore there couldn’t be many drastic changes. The Update brings few but important changes to the OS including
  • New Camera App
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (Less Battery consumption for Long Bluetooth connections like headsets)
  • "Always on" option for Wifi-based location services (apps can automatically turn on wifi to find location and then turn it off)
  • Improved touch sensitivity
There are other options as well but for developers. The new Android will also have a smart app drawer and set according to your usage. Besides that, its pretty much Jelly Bean. We will get deep into it once Google releases it next week.

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