Motorola Moto X promotional Video Leaked: Shows off some nifty features

Motorola Moto X
Google bought Motorola last year and since then we haven't seen a cellphone from the smartphone manufacturing. Moto X, set to be the first smartphone release of Google Ownership era, is being hyped severely. Shortly after Mr. Eric Schmidt of Google was captured by camera showing of the Moto X, a promotional video by Rogers has been leaked.

The video leaked is of Rogers who will exclusively get the Phone in Black or White by August 2013 thus confirming its launch.

The Rogers video shows off some of the features of Moto X. Starting from the Google Now always on feature (Open Mic.) through which your Moto X will always be all ears for you. You can use Google Now even when the screen is off by just saying, OK GOOGLE NOW, much like the Google Glass.

The Video also how the Moto X will show us if we have Notifications. Instead of using flashy light blinking, the Moto X will bring the Notification to the screen and it is up to you to check it or leave it.

Also, the video shows new shortcut to load the camera. Just flick your wrist (with the smartphone in hand) twice and the camera will turn on. Not a very smartphone option though, the Moto X might just slip out of the hand.

View the Video (via engadget) too see all the features.

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