Rovio teases BIG NEWS on Monday: Angry Bird Star Wars to Come

Angry Birds
Angry Birds has been the game of fortune for Rovio entertainment Limited. After releasing the several versions of Angry Birds, the game developers made a joint venture with Lucas Art to produce a Star Wars version of Angry Birds. Rovio is set to prolong that partnership with BIG NEWS coming on Monday regarding the 2nd game in the same line.

Rovio Studios teased the media with a BIG NEWS day on July 15th and released a picture (1st in the post) as well with it.

This is what Rovio Studios teased about,

Attention, Angry Birds fans! Stay tuned on Monday, July 15th, for big news about a brand new game! We’re talking the biggest character line-up ever, awesome new powers, and maybe even a few surprises!
Intrigued? Stay tuned for more news on #July15!

The poster shows Anakin Skywalker in his youth which means that we might be seeing more of Tattoine. Clearly this time the focus will be the prequels of Star wars released in late 90s.

There are rumors of a Angry Birdized version of Jar Jar as well. Although there is no news of Master Yoda Bird yet, we can expect that as well.

Stay Tuned for More News

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