Blackberry offering unlocked Q10 and Z10 from its website: Got to sell em somehow!

Blackberry q10
Blackberry has faced decline since the arrival of iPhone and after that Android. The smartphone company lost contracts of various governments and their sales dropped. In order to supplement their sales, Blackberry is now offering its Q10 and Z10 directly through its website.

blackberry q10

The Canadian based company is offering unlocked version of Q10 and Z10 for $449 and $549 respectively.

Blackberry has decided to take this step after US Carriers are getting reluctant over stocking Blackberry Phones due to its heavy loses this year. The smartphone company suffered a gross $1 bn. lose in Q2 and is on the verge of a takeover.
T-Mobile announced that it is not going to stock BlackBerry models in its retail stores any longer.  While Verizon says that it will continue to stock BlackBerry models in its stores as long as customers want them to and Sprint is yet to take a decision.

Blackberry has failed to bring innovation to its devices and despite its release of BB10 and its touch devices, it couldn't reverse its declivity. For all its worth, Blackberry’s future is not too bright.


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