Android 4.3 upgrade for Samsung Galaxy SIII, Note 2 coming near Christmas

Android 4.3 galaxy s3
Samsung released successors of its most popular Galaxy Series. The Samsung Galaxy S4 replace the Galaxy S3 while the most impressive Samsung Phablet, Note 2, was replaced by Samsung Galaxy Note 3. While Note 3 came with Android 4.3, S4, note 2 and S3 are all on Android 4.2.2 and awaiting updates. According a French carrier, you have to wait till winter.

Road map for French carrier SFR reveals important updates for a few popular models - Road map reveals Android 4.3 update for Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III and GALAXY Note II

The following schedule was revealed by a French Mobile Carrier SFR which outlines dates for Android 4.3 update for high-end devices.

It was previously leaked that updates would start in October with the Samsung Galaxy S4 to get it first. While the updates might be available for unlocked Galaxy S4s, carrier phones will get the update later on in the winter due to testing of the update by the Carrier.

Interestingly enough, the HTC One update schedule is also mentioned stating October as the arrival month. This is not a surprise since HTC has already rolled out the update to its unlocked versions and soon it will be available for carrier phones after testing.


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