Apple hire Nike’s Ben Shaffer: Get ready for some stylish wearables

Apple watch
Apple recently announced its latest flagship iPhone 5S and a cheaper iPhone 5C. What they didn’t announce was wearable gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy Gear (announced by Samsung with Samsung galaxy Note 3). Apple is going in the right direction though and has recently hired Ben Shaffer of Nike.


The appointment is confirmed since Nike PR has confirmed to 9to5Mac that Ben Shaffer is no longer with the company.

Ben Shaffer is the lead Studio Director of the ‘Innovation Kitchen’ of Nike. Two of his most famous innovations are the Nike Fuel Band and its sneakers Flynit. With most of Apple’s top management a big fan of Nike Fuel Band, it was likely that Shaffer would lead the team for Cupertino based Wearables.

Shaffer joins Jay Blahnik, a fitness consultant, who also worked on the Fuel Band with Shaffer.

Apple wearables are not far away!!


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