Latest DVD releases in the US and how to get them cheaper

World War Z

It is just past summer and we have witnessed some of the most impressive movies of year 2013 in the Cinemas. For those of who weren't able to hit the silver screening of these movies can now watch most of the hits at your home as these movies are being released on DVDs. Here are few of the latest DVD releases of Sept. 2013.

DVD release

    1. World War Z (Starring Brad Pitt)
    2. The Bling Ring (Starring Emma Watson)
    3. Disconnect (Starring Jason Bateman)
    4. Star Trek into Darkness (Starring Chris Pine)
    5. Now You See Me (Starring Morgan Freeman)
These movies have been very successful all over the World with World War Z and Disconnect hosting major stars like Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. These films are now available on DVD so the movie is just a DVD Store away.

But its not just about a DVD store, is it? Buying 5 DVDs every week isn't going to be easy for your wallet. Here is our tip that will reduce your cost of these or any latest DVDs.

How to Reduce your DVD Costs?

Most of us who don’t visit the cinemas often end up buying DVDs of movies and that results in a large collection. You can utilize those old DVDs and generate some cash by selling them. There are a few websites which you can use to sell your DVDs online. Either you can sell your DVDs using using the conventional websites ebay, amazon or craiglist or you can sell your DVDs on sites dedicated to buying old DVDs like CEX, Musicmagpie and Back2Cash

These dedicated websites provide easy way of selling out your old DVDs and generating some much needed cash for new Movies. For instance Musicmagpie provides an easy path to selling your DVDs. You just need to enter your barcode on the back of the DVD or you can use your webcam to scan it in and it will give the rates on which it will buy your DVDs. They provide courier for your DVDs and also pay you through cheque or Credit transfer depending on your preference. 

You can also sell your old PS3 or Xbox 360 games CDs and blue-rays. The rates you get usually vary depending on the age of the DVD and how successful its content was. There are also free Android apps of these websites to help you get the barcodes using your camera phones.

Once your old DVDs are sold, it is time to run down to your nearest DVD store and start picking up your latest DVDs.

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