Nokia offers free Photography lessons to Russian Lumia 1020 Owners

Nokia Lumia 1020
It might be a phone with a 41 MP with OIS and other camera tech names but it is useless if you don’t know how to use it. Nokia has kept that in mind and decided to arrange free photography lessons for its Nokia Lumia 1020 customers in Russia.

Nokia gives free photography lessons to Russian buyers of Nokia Lumia 1020

The lessons are being offered through a photography school called Fotoshkola.net. It is free for all Nokia Lumia 1020 users.

To get the free lessons, Lumia users will be required to download the Fotoshkola app through which they will receive a PIN to get lessons. The lessons will include tutorials and assignments will be handed out to the participants which will be later reviewed by the team.

The offer is available till 1st jan. 2014. Here is a promo of the lessons available.


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