HTC One Max Hi-Res Images leaked: Looks Impressive

HTC One Max
Smartphone market this year has seen phablets from almost every company. Even Nokia has decided to launch a phablet in the upcoming days. In this context, HTC has also decided to dish out a phablet of its own based on its popular flagship HTC One.

The photos have been leaked through an asian blog xuite.net showing off the HTC One Max.

The Photos show a typical HTC Oneish phone with a bigger size and a few visible change. For starters, it is a bigger phone in size compared to HTC One. The back of the phone has a fingerprint scanner for security. The power button is also on the right side instead of the top in the HTC One Max and you wont find a Beats audio logo on it. The Company bought itself back from HTC few weeks ago.

The HTC One Max. is set to be a announced in the near future.

Stay Tuned for more updates

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