iPhone 5S Blue Screen of Death reboots worries Users

Apple iPhones have always been among the top products that are not only streamlined but reliable. Recently, Apple released its iPhone 5S last month and iOS 7 along with it. This time, however, Apple is facing problems with the revamped iOS. Yet another issue of Blue Screen of Death Reboot has emerged in iOS 7

iPhone 5S

The issue has been spotted and reported by many customers on Apple Forums and Twitter.

The Blue Screen of Death appears and then the phone restarts making it less dangerous but nonetheless annoying. The Blue Screen problem is occuring when Apple’s iWork applications are being run or multitasked upon. The iWork apps are free on the new iOS 7 and very useful as well.

Although there has been no official update or fix by Apple to solve this issue, there is a temporary solution. The Apple iPhone community has posted a workaround for those being affected by iWorks. If the latter app is causing your iPhone 5s to reboot, disable iCloud syncing for Apple's Pages, Keynote, and Numbers apps and you should have some relief.

With the problem being reported from far and wide, we are likely to see an iPhone 7.0.x to fix this bug.


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